At Scuba Clinic Pty Ltd we feel our prices are very competitive considering our high standard of workmanship.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about what your service includes.

All prices are inclusive of GST (parts are not included)

Regulator - full set (first stage, second stage, octopus and gauges)$150.00
Regulator - first and second stage$100.00
Regulator - first stage only$50.00
Regulator - second stage only (primary or octopus)$50.00
BCD - (full service)$65.00
BCD - (inflator only)$45.00
Cylinder valve$25.00
Isolation manifold$75.00
Shark Shield service - (Freedom 4)$50.00
Shark Shield test - (Freedom 7)$20.00
AGA mask service$200.00
New equipment assembly and test$50.00
Air Fill – 12 Litre$20.00
Air Fill – 15 Litre $23.00
Air Fill – 10 Litre $18.00
Air Fill – 7 Litre and below $15.00
300 bar surcharge $2.00 per tank
Hydrostatic Tank test Inc air fill $50.00
Hydrostatic Tank Test no fill $35.00

Pricing subject to change as manufacturers increases become more frequent.

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